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Simon Clarke

Learn how to get flat abs using only the treadmill machine

Here is the YouTube video where you see top five tips to get flat and strong ups without doing sit-ups – or anything else – except for the treadmill machine:



Can a treadmill really help you build your abdominals?

Well, yes. But you have to be very determined in your exercises. The results won’t be visible as fast as you want to using treadmill, but they will not fail. The experts say that a treadmill machine can be a great start in building your abs, but it can’t be the complete solution because a treadmill workout might help you – and it really can help you a lot- to burn fat in that area of your body, and to reveal abdominal muscles, but it can help you with defining and toning your abdominals and to get the holly six-pack.

The first thing that you should know if you start heading towards this goal is that doing the same workout routine, day by day, with the same intensity the whole training, and for the same duration of each training or every segment – it won’t lead you too far. This is not the way to lose the fat in the critical area and the way to build your abdominal muscles. If you want your muscles to be visible, you should challenge yourself, to push the limits and to never give up even if you don’t see expected results the first month.

The researches of the US National Library of Medicine, in a section of the Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, had shown in 2009 that the more experience in running increase the working of your abdominals while you’re running. It is pretty simple: If you are a beginner, the less of your abdominal muscles would activate during the running time, so, the more time and the more effort you devote to the running on a treadmill – will give you more and more effective results.

Therefore, these five tips won’t give you defined and toned abdominal core in a month, but, if you want to start effectively to build your abdominal muscles from the very beginning – you are at the right place!

Let’s see the top five workout tips to flatten your abdominal area given in the YouTube video.


‘’Focus on your posture. Always stand straight with your shoulders relaxed and in line with your spine. By maintaining this position you will recruit more of your core muscles, including your abs.”

Also, you will avoid the back pain, headache, and neck ache. It is very important for your body to be in its natural position while you are on a treadmill. Relax, straight your back, just like you are walking. Keep your head in a neutral position, and keep your gaze on the horizon.


‘’Oxygen is the fuel that burns fat. In order to burn the most fat while exercising, you need to breathe effectively. Breathe in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.

While inhaling, allow your chest to expand.

While exhaling, focus on contracting your abs.“

Always make sure that your breathing is relaxed and controlled – and this doesn’t imply only on workout and running. The breathing is one of the most important processes your body has. The most of the people don’t realize that they are not breathing properly, and that can be a serious problem – in a regular life, and also in a gym. You have to pay attention to your breathing. ‘’Notice what your breath is doing when you’re stressed, when you’re happy, during sex, and while doing exercise,” says Seth Daley, a Halifax-based yoga teacher. The key to regular and proper breathing is to use your diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle beneath your rib cage. You probably already had a pain in your diaphragm from time to time while you were running or exercising if you didn’t breathe properly.

So, when you step on a treadmill next time, just remember – a short breath is one of biggest enemies of your body.


‘’In order to prevent injury; start your workout with a slow warm-up. When you reach a comfortable stride, let go. Begin to incorporate your arms into your workout. Use a low swinging back and forth motion while concentrating on maintaining balance. Upper body moving helps increase the capacity to burn fat by raising your heart rate.

For an adding challenge, try raising your hands over your head or lifting them to the side. This will give you maximum calorie burn.”

Moving your hands naturally, swinging them back and forth just like you’re running in an outdoor – is probably the most effective and a correct way of exercising. Once you get used to a treadmill machine you will realize that you don’t need the handles to keep your balance on the tape. The researches had shown that 20 to 50 percent more calories are burned while you are using your hands in the workout – in this case in running.


‘’One of the most effective exercise techniques is called INTERVAL TRAINING.

Interval training is a workout technique getting corporate varying exercises intensities. Challenge yourself with a combination run – walk, or by varying the incline. Try this workout method to exhilarate the fat loss.”

Why this type of training is the most effective? Because it will totally shock your body, so your body will use more energy than usual – you will lose more calories. “Doing steady stay cardio does help burn a little bit of fat, but increasing the intensity is definitely the way to go… Plus, it’s a lot funnier doing it that way”, said the instructor Sylvia Ferrero, a woman whose video training we already saw in some of our previous articles.


‘’To ensure continuing progress, push the envelope. There is no better way to achieve your fitness goals faster than by using extra resistance. Incorporate light wrist and ankle weights into your workout. Increasing the resistance level will undoubtedly help you to tone your muscles and burn more calories.

Raising low your arms in the bicep curve to the side, to the front, or over your head. Synchronize these motions with a deliberate stride. Beginners should do three sets of ten lifts with a one minute rest in between each set.”

This might strengthen your hips and legs, so it will make you feel much more balanced and confident – in and outside the gym.

Eat properly – for the faster and better results

For you to tone your abdominal muscles, you should first burn fat in that part of your body. So, you shouldn’t allow yourself to eat more calories at the day than you can burn at the training. You can’t avoid counting your calories. It can be a little bit boring at the beginning, but with the time it will become your daily routine. But be careful – the intake of too few calories also can’t give you the wished results. The balance is everything!

Reduce your intake to 500 calories daily, and keep the level of the taken carbohydrates from 50 to 55% of your total daily number of calories – these are the general rules. For the best possible results, you should ask your nutritionist for the advice.

These tips are given by Jim Bompensa, a fitness, and martial arts instructor, nutrition specialist and triathlete, and are pretty general, but also very helpful for all the people who want to build their abdominal core. For the best results you can combine treadmill trainings with the classic exercises which are very effective, such as decline-bench sit-up, the yoga boat pose, bicycle crunches, and stability ball crunches.