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Simon Clarke

 What makes the Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill stand-out?

This article review is intended to offer you a complete understanding of the Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding treadmill and it’s various features. Clearly created with runners in mind, the treadmill is designed to allow you to do all the running exercise you could possibly want – in the comfort of your own home. We have used a range of tools to identify the upsides and downsides of this treadmill, including reading about what real users say they think of it. Below you’ll find our research summarized in an easy to follow format that will allow you to make an informed decision if you are considering buying a treadmill for running, walking or jogging.

Product Overview

A runner’s dream, the Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding treadmill is large sturdy piece of equipment ready to take the pounding of running feet.The frame is precision welded together in a durable fashion that can carry users of almost any weight or height without a problem and the large tread belt surface is a big plus in terms of comfort.

  • Black and silver frame with predominantly red and blue head unit
  • Arm rails on both sides
  • Front crossbar with heart monitor contacts on it
  • Safety stop key line attached to front of head unit
  • Large LCD window with a blue backlight in the middle of the head unit
  • Light up scrolling message board at top of the head unit
  • Textured tread belt for added grip

Key Specifications

Suitable for Runners, joggers and walkers
Assembled dimensions 80L x 30W x 48H inches (203L x 76W x 123H cm)
Tread belt dimensions 60L x 22W inches (152L x 56W cm)
Supported weight 400 lbs (180 kg)
Motor 3.5 continuous duty HP
Incline Automatic, 0% – 15%
Deck cushioning Yes, flex shock absorption system
Foldable No
Speed levels 0.5-12 MPH (0.8 – 19km/h)
Workout routines
  • 6 standard workouts
  • 2 heart rate based programs
  • 2 custom set workouts
Price Approx. $2,439.99
Weight 265 lbs (120 kg) excluding packaging
290 lbs (132 kg) shipping weight in packaging
  • 30 years motor
  • 5 years electronics
  • 2 years labour

Intended for residential use only (non-commercial warranty).

Roller 2.75 inches (7 cm)
Handrails Front crossbar and side arm rails
Tread belt ply (noise indication) 2-ply with four layers (quiet)
External device compatibility Yes, MP3 format
Heart rate monitors Contact and Wireless
Head unit Display LCD 9 inches (23 cm)

Key product details

The Sole Fitness s77 Non-Folding treadmill only appears to have two ‘unique’ factors distinguishing it from other running treadmills in the industry; its SOLE class chassis and motor, and its built in speakers and cooling fans. Making up for this lack of unique functionality/personality is the fact that the treadmill does do all the standard things other running treadmills do, like shock absorption, really really well. In terms of providing standard treadmill functionalities to a high level, it’s definitely a big contender.

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck
The Sole Fitness s77 Non-Folding treadmill is notoriously kind to users joints as they run. The cushion flex whisper deck is not only as quiet as the name suggests, but also reduces impact on joints by up to 40%. Having an effective cushioning system on a deck is especially important for people who are thinking about spending a lot of time using their treadmill on a regular basis.

Gigantic Track Surface
The faster a treadmill user is going, the larger the track surface should be to avoid accidents. Obviously this means that runners will require the largest tracks in the industry. Fortunately, the Sole s77 designers were clearly aware of this and created this treadmill with a gigantic 60 inch long tread belt. The 22 inch width of the belt is also a “larger” width in the treadmill industry and will allow for some dissymmetry between strides. This treadmill has definitely done itself a favour by incorporating one of the most important elements in a comfortable running treadmill into it’s design. The more space you have to run, the freer you’ll feel.

SOLE Class Chassis and Motor
The SOLE brand is well known for having industry leading heavy duty chassis and motors within their treadmill class. The Sole s77 has a powder coated, all steel precision welded frame and powerful incline automation. The motor is an industrial quality 4.0 continuous duty HP one with a large diameter. In addition, the flywheels are all-steel zinc coated and balanced to provide users with a secure running surface. What does this mean to non-mechanical people? It means that the s77 is made to be durable and won’t shake or vibrate under your feet as you run. Definitely a good thing in a running treadmill.

Quadruple Layered Belts
The belt, much like the rest of the Sole Fitness s77, is built for durability and stability. It’s woven two-ply textured surface is made up of four layers. Two rubber layers are located on top of the centric PVC layer that has a nylon backing to run over the deck and around the rollers. Each layer of the belt provides a useful function:

  • Rubber layer: Provides durability
  • PVC layer: Stops stretching
  • Nylon layer: Ensures static-free movement

Together these layers create a smooth and durable glide of belt over rollers that ensures users can enjoy this treadmill for many years to come.

Standard and customizable workout programs
The Sole Fitness s77 will arrive on its new owner’s door step with eight programs already set up and able to be used immediately. These programs are exercise routines which will vary the incline and speed of your workout to help increase your fitness. There are six standard programs included with the treadmill and two heart rate programs (more on them later). In addition to these eight programs, there are also two custom programs. The custom programs are ones that you can setup yourself to suit your unique workout routine preferences. Many users end up finding a workout that’s perfect for them and using that paired with their favourite “standard” programs to achieve maximum results. Customizable workouts certainly add a bit of fun to your routines and also mean that you can choose to create workouts that will really push yourself in terms of either speed, incline training or cardio endurance.

Built-in Speakers and Cooling Fans
To either side of the clean blue LCD display on the head unit are speakers and cooling fans. The cooling fans are wonderful for use on a hot day and the audio speakers can make your workout a lot more fun. In order to run along to music you’ll need to attach an MP3 player device to the audio jack input on the machine. These two certainly add a step up to the enjoy-ability factor of the s77 in our books.

Convenient Controls
The treadmill console is very user friendly with a streamlined feel. There is a perfect balance between enough buttons to provide functionality and not enough to be overwhelming or cluttering. The quick speed and incline adjustment buttons are located along the side of the LCD display to facilitate convenient in-workout changes. This means you can easily maintain a steady continuous run while changing the treadmill settings – much better than having to start and stop like on many other treadmills.

Heart Rate Monitoring
The Sole Fitness s77 comes with both contact and wireless heart rate monitoring. The contact pulse centres are located on the front crossbar and the wireless heart monitoring is done via a chest strap. Users will often have their own personal preference as to which they prefer, both are pretty accurate at reading heart rates. The exciting part is that the s77 has two built in heart rate monitoring programs which allows the machine to automatically adjust the incline and speed of your workout to maintain or change your heart rate. This can be an incredibly effective tool for those wanting to get the most out of their workouts, especially in terms of fat burning or endurance building.

A Safe Design
The creators of the Sole Fitness s77 have done a good job on ensuring user safety when using this piece of exercise equipment. The safety functions include:

  • 5 start speed to ensure no slipping when users first hop onto the machine
  • Textured belt to increase grip of feet on the track
  • 10-amp circuit breaker to avoid electronic chaos
  • Safety key that stops machine if pulled from it’s socket by a user losing control

These features all work in cohesion with one another to make the s77 a safe treadmill for runners to use at home. Safety should be even more important for those wanting to run at high speeds or those with children or pets likely to be around while they work out.

High Performance Rollers
The high performance rollers on the Sole Fitness s77 are perfect for long distance runners as they provide a large surface area against the belt. This extends both the roller and the belt’s lifetime. As well as being a whopping 2.75 inches in diameter, the rollers also have a sealed bearing design and ground wires (copper) which reduce electric static. Altogether, we’re impressed with the detailed high standard of service each aspect of the machine has received, and the rollers are a perfect example of this.

 A short summary 


  • Suspension system that reduces impact on joints by up to 40%
  • Large track surface makes for a comfortable running machine
  • SOLE brand durable and powerful motor, chassis and rollers
  • Quadruple layered belt for a smooth and long-lasting tread belt
  • Standard, heart rate tailored and customizable programs
  • Safety conscious design
  • Convenient controls allowing for in-workout changes to be mad
  •  Cooling fans and audio speakers add enjoyment to runner’s experience



  •  Non-folding design treadmill. This coupled with the largeness of the machine to accommodate for its large track surface may mean it cannot fit into smaller places within homes. Check that you have enough space if you’re thinking of purchasing it.

 What did consumers say

The general conclusion we drew from researching real users experience with their own Sole Fitness s77’s is that this is a great standard exercise machine for running. It has everything you need for fun and nothing you don’t. What it does have it has to a high quality that is overall indicative of a very durable, powerful and reliable piece of equipment. Running user tend to be very satisfied with its performance.

User Favourites:

  • The sturdy design is being touted as both a negative and a positive. On the positive side it is very durable and users like that it is solid under their feet (no shaking as they run at higher speeds)
  • Headphone jack attaches separately to the machine instead of to your device meaning if you accidentally pull them all that happens is that it unplugs from the machine instead of pulling your device onto the ground. Clever!
  • The clean blue-lit display is streamlined and though it has all the information you need on it, it is not unnecessarily clutter, this makes it easy to use.

User Negatives:

  • The machine is heavy and may require some help for you to move and assemble when it arrives at your house.

Do we Recommend the Sole Fitness s77

We found out during our research that there is a lot of good things to say about the Sole Fitness s77, as you’ve seen above. Our recommendation would be that it’s a great piece of equipment for somebody wanting a sturdy, durable piece of exercise equipment on which to run. If you are thinking of purchasing, it’s a good idea to get a mat to go under it as well. This machine will take up a lot of floor space due to it’s large size, and people report that placing a mat under it will protect your carpet. Other than that, you shouldn’t need to buy any additional add-ons to enjoy this machine because it comes with wonderful speakers and cooling fans already built in. Do remember that the fantastic warranty provisions only cover residential use, so this may not be the best treadmill to get for commercial purposes. But as an in home machine, it gets a big thumbs up recommendation from us!