From Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke

What makes the ProForm Pro 2500 Treadmill stand-out?

This review has been compiled specifically to help you evaluate the pros and cons of the ProForm Pro 2500 all in one easy to read format. We have conducted extensive research on this product and summarized the results below in the simplest yet most informative format possible. A great deal of our research involved listening to what actual users have to say about their experience with their own ProForm Pro 2500. This treadmill is a great space saving option as it has fold up capabilities, while still being sturdy enough to provide a decent running platform. Read on to find out if it might be the right treadmill for your needs.

Key Specifications

Suitable for Running, jogging and walking
Assembled dimensions 83L x 21W x 24H inches (211L x 53W x 61H cm)
Tread belt dimensions 60L x 20W inches (152L x 51W cm)
Supported weight 375 lbs (170 kg)
Motor 3.5 continuous duty HP
Incline Automatic, -3° to – 15°
Deck cushioning Yes, full surface suspension
Foldable Yes
Speed levels 0 – 12 MPH (0 – 19km/h)
Workout routines
  • 30 standard programs
  • Unlimited Google Maps tracks
Price Approx. $3,322.98
Weight 358 lbs (162 kg)
Warranty 5 years’ parts, 2 years labour and lifetime frame and motor.
Roller 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Handrails Short side hand rails and front crossbar
Tread belt ply (noise indication) 2-ply (quiet)
External device compatibility Yes, iPod compatible
Heart rate monitors Contact and Wireless
Head unit Display Full-colour touch screen7 inches (18 cm)

Product Description

The ProForm Pro 2500 treadmill is an interesting mix in terms of exercise equipment because it is built for runners – which tend to require larger machines, while also focusing on saving space. It achieves both these factors with success in our opinion. The long 60-inch tread belt makes running comfortable for users while the fold up capabilities of the machine allow it to be stored away when not in use. The ability to significantly reduce the size taken up by your machine when it’s not in use can be great for anyone with a slightly smaller living area to work with. That it doesn’t sacrifice much running comfort in order to achieve this is a fantastic deal.

  • Black and silver frame that folds the deck up to meet the head unit when stored
  • Short arm rails on both sides and a front crossbar with heart monitors on it
  • Colourful head unit with red, blue, green and yellow buttons in addition to a colourful touch screen display
  • Long black accessory holder located below the head unit
  • Wheels built in to both ends of the treadmill for easy portability

Key Features

The ProForm Pro 2500 treadmill is jam packed with fun and useful features. There is it’s full colour interactive touch screen, high variety of programs, Google Maps integration and very decent warranty period to consider. There are also the standard things you’d expect from a treadmill built for runners and general exercise in there too. And best of all, the whole thing folds up to save you space!

FS2 Suspension Cushioning
The ProForm Pro 2500 tread belt is entirely cushioned by the FS2 Full Surface Suspension Cushioning technology. This cushioning is designed to absorb some impact each time the user’s feet touch the belt, thus reducing the toll on your joints when runner or doing other general exercise. This is a great feature for serious workout buffs and for those wanting to use a treadmill to gently recover from any past injuries.

Big Tread Belt
The 60-inch-long belt of the ProForm Pro 2500 provides a comfortable surface area for even runners to work out on. This is the standard industry length for running treadmills and provides the freedom users need to take larger strides as they increase the speed of their workout. The 20-inch belt width is also pretty standard, though it is smaller than the 22 inch width you’ll find on non-folding runners treadmills. Everyone apart from very large people will however find that 20 inches is more than enough room to comfortably run or do some general exercise on.

Decent Warranty Provisions
The ProForm Pro 2500 comes with better warranty provisions that most treadmills on the market. A manufacturer’s willingness to give out long standing warranties indicated a high quality machine that has been made to last well. For this reason we think it’s great that the 3.5 continuous duty HP commercial grade motor has been given a lifetime warranty. The sturdy frame is also under lifetime warranty, and the parts are under a five-year warranty. As always the labour warranty is less than the others, but the ProForm Pro 2500 labour warranty is still one year greater than the industry standard length, coming in at two years of coverage.

iPod Port and Speakers
The intermix acoustics 3.0 sound system provides users of the ProForm Pro 2500 with a fun workout environment. You can exercise along to your favourite tunes on this machine by plugging an iPod into the port provided. Whether it’s music or an audio book you’re trying to listen to, the sound system offers a wide range of frequencies and a nice well equalized sound.

High Variety of Programs
The ProForm Pro 2500 comes with a larger than normal variety of standard built in workout programs, 30 to be exact. These programs change the speed an incline of your treadmill as you exercise to help you reach certain goals or experience a particular kind of workout. Having more programs to choose from means you’re less likely to get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. 30 is enough for a different routine, every day of the month! Many people like to mix and match programs, and there are others that end up sticking to a couple of their favourites consistently. Whatever your style, having more workout programs than less is certainly a bonus.

Google Maps Integration
Thanks to some very smart technology called iFit Live which is built into the ProForm Pro 2500, this treadmill is able to use wireless internet to connect with Google Maps. Once connected the technology allows users to run along any track on Google Maps! This means that the speed and incline of the machine will be automatically adjusted to simulate the real world track while you can see images of the track scenery on the display screen. You can go running on any track in the world! The iFit technology also provides virtual personal training, an easy way to track your progress, and even has an option to race against friends on. Treadmill running will never be the same after trying this new technology out.

Full Colour Interactive Touch Screen
The display on the ProForm Pro 2500 leaves nothing to be desired. The seven-inch touch screen lends the treadmill a modern feel and helps to make user navigation easy, especially for those who grew up in the technological generation. The eye catching design is certainly aesthetically attractive and the interactivity makes it user friendly and easy to select the type of workout program required.

Automated Incline and Decline
The range of angle reached by the ProForm Pro 2500’s deck is rather impressive, with a -3% to 15% variety. Changing the incline or decline of a treadmill can help users to challenge different muscle fibers while they exercise and is great for gentle rehab or slight incline training. Fortunately, it’s all automated, so you don’t need to pause your workout to do anything, simply press a button and the incline will change for you! Many of the in-built workout programs and the iFit technology also will adjust the incline for you automatically during your workout. Getting the -3% downhill incline is not an industry standard and certainly adds a cool touch to the user’s overall exercise experience.

Foldability and EasyLift
For many users who have smaller living areas a foldable treadmill is an absolute must. The nice part about the Proform Pro 2500 design is that it has been entirely designed in a space saving way. The patented fold up capability stores the treadmill in a vertical shape while it’s not in use. Fortunately, the Proform company has included an easy mechanism by which to do this. There is a powerful shock built into the frame that will lift the deck easily when the user gives it a push.


  •  Joint friendly track cushioning
  • Long tread belt surface for comfortable exercise experience at any speed
  • Far reaching and long lasting warranties
  • iPod compatibility with built-in speakers for a fun workout
  • Large range of workout programs including 30 standard and unlimited Google Maps iFit ones
  • Beautiful fully colourized interactive display screen
  • Conveniently automated incline and decline function
  • EasyLift technology to make folding it up to save space quick and easy

  • The space saving design does mean that the tread belt is 20 inches wide instead of 22 inches like other larger running treadmills. This might cause problems only for very large users who want to run on it at full pelt.

What do ProForm Pro 2500 say

Our research into real user’s experiences with their ProForm Pro 2500 treadmill was inundated by mixed messages. Some users absolutely love this machine, touting that it has consistently helped encourage them to exercise and lose weight while other users have had multiple problems with the iFit technology and console. It appears that so long as you get a good unit, the equipment does run well. Thankfully the warranty includes replacing any bad parts free of charge. Those who did receive a working machine off the bat are thrilled with it.

User Favourites:

  • It’s easy to put together and once assembled it can be moved and folded up to save space with no hassle whatsoever.
  • The 30 different workout programs are seen as a big plus with many users sharing the treadmill with others, each person having their own specific ‘favourite’ programs to use.
  • Ample storage space for water bottles, phones, towels etc. during workouts is very convenient in practice providing users with easy reach to their necessities.

User Negatives:

  • The iFit technology and touch screen panel have givens some user’s major issues in terms of stopping to work within a few weeks of starting to use it. We suppose there are a couple of bad apples in every bunch. Fortunately, the ProForm warranty was there to support these users with new replacement parts for free.


We think this modestly priced treadmill is certainly a good choice for users wanting a space saving piece of exercise equipment that will still allow them to run comfortably on it. Also, be sure to keep your warranty paperwork! As with any higher value purchase it’s important to safeguard yourself by holding on to the appropriate paperwork to claim warranty if anything untoward should occur. And finally, we also recommend keeping your treadmill in the same room as you’ll be using it. Shifting it from room to room can get tiring and may demotivate you from working out, so do ensure that the room you actually want to use it in is big enough to store it when it’s in it’s compact fold up position and it’s larger folded down position.

To Buy or Not to Buy, That Is the Question

The ProForm Pro 2500 looks like so much fun to use! The many built in workout available, interactive colour touch screen and audio speakers will make time fly while you exercise. It’s always easier to exercise when the experience is enjoyable, and we think anyone who purchases this machine will definitely end up using it a lot because of it’s fun add-ons. You can learn more about it’s retail on this store site.