From Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke

The Proform 2000 Treadmill is a customer favorite and is regularly within the 15 most sold treadmill models in the country. Proform makes many great treadmills so it is easy to see why customers prefer their equipment when it comes to home fitness.

The treadmill also packs thoughtful features which can make it easier to store and use at home. The treadmill folds up, which is not a common feature. This means that it can be easily stowed away when not in use and will not take up valuable floor space in the house.

It also has a very user intuitive console which allows runners to quickly change their running program and parameters. Perhaps the main reason that the treadmill is such a good seller is that it provides a lot of features for a much lower price. Most treadmills that come in this price range are basic models with minimum features. The Proform 2000 treadmill is a much higher end product with more features than one would expect.

The design is also very sleek. For anyone buying fitness equipment for their home, the aesthetics are important when it comes to making a purchase decision. The Profrom Pro 2000 looks like a sleek machine. It also has many compartments which allow runners to easily store needed items right on the treadmill. Thoughtful touches like a phone dock (which would be an add-on in most other treadmills) only make the home fitness experience better.

The Pro 2000 isn’t just looks and comfort; the machine is backed by a powerful engine and a quality frame. It uses a patented self cooling 3.5 continuous horsepower motor called the Mach Z. It can incline 15 degrees, and surprisingly, it can be taken down to -3 degrees as well. It also has a frame made of strong steel and coated with protective paint that will make the steel last a long time without rust being an issue.


High end specifications

The specifications:

  • 5 Continuous Horsepower Mach Z engine
  • A speed range of 0 to 12 miles per hour
  • An incline of 15 degrees
  • A decline of -3 degrees
  • Quick touch controls that allow runners to change running pattern with one touch
  • Weight capacity of 350 labs
  • ProShox Cushioning to keep the stress and pressure on joints to a minimum
  • 1 ply commercial non-stretch tread belt
  • 32 different preprogrammed workout plans
  • Can be folded to save floor space
  • Holders and storage for water bottles and other items runners need access to while running

The frame is made of solid steel, which is one of the most durable materials out there. Solid steel products end up lasting a long time. The Pro 2000 is a sturdy piece of equipment and feels tightly fitted together. There’s no jiggling or lose pieces in the treadmill and everything gives a very solid feedback when touched. This is due to Proform’s quality standards which are much higher than the industry standard. Proform has been making treadmills for more than 30 years and the experience shows in their build quality.

A patented self cooling 3.5 HP motor to minimise overheating 

The motor also packs some useful features. The most notable is the fact that it is self cooling. Some treadmills are capable of high speeds but end up overheating in a few minutes. Overheating is problematic in multiple ways; it degrades performance and can cause permanent damage to the motor as well. These aren’t problems for the Pro 2000 due to the ingenious way in which it has been designed to dissipate heat and cool down.

Shock absorber system that provides a comfortable run

The tread belt also has 4 different shock absorbers inside it. The Pro 2000 uses Proform’s patented ProShox™ cushioning system. It reduces the stress from joints and allows the users to run for a longer time.  The key to the ProShox system is ingenious shock placement done by engineers, which allows the force to be spread out and cushioned quickly.

Designed to operate with minimum noise

It has also been designed with noise in mind – home fitness equipment that makes too much noise can be very annoying in homes where more than 1 people live. Proform uses precision engineering which allows them to create treadmills whose belt and rollers operate without causing a ruckus. The 2.5” non-flex rollers have been perfectly molded and fitted to ensure the minimum amount of friction and noise.

The fact that the whole machine is so precisely fit together also plays a big role in noise reduction. Many different functions of the Pro 2000 contribute to the silent operation of the treadmill. Another big reason other treadmills start making a lot of noise is that their engine overheats, degrading performance, and the motor and belt start making noise because they are under stress. The self-cooling mechanism of the Pro 2000 ensures that no matter how long the run is, the quietness remains.

A treadmill you can fold up after use to save space 

A great fit for homes because of its convenience features. It has a feature called the SpaceSaver technology by Proform. In simple terms, it means that customers can fold the treadmill up when they are done using it. This is a huge thing for people who have limited floor space in their homes; a treadmill takes a lot of area, and if people running out of space at home then this feature will be a godsend for them.

There are a few other treadmills which can be folded but folding up a heavy treadmill can be a chore, which is why the Proform 2000 treadmill uses hydraulic springs to assist the act of folding it up. Users are told to fold it up when it is plugged in, as power is required to make the hydraulic springs quickly fold up the treadmill without needing any force from the user. The same goes for bringing it back down. Both happen effortlessly and are surprisingly premium features to be included in a treadmill of this price range.

Incline and decline options  

Another great feature of is its incline. Serious runners know how important an incline can be; it can lead to up to 2 times more calories being burnt in the same time of exercise. The 15 degrees of incline provided by the Proform 2000 treadmill is just the right amount for home equipment. 15 degrees may not sound like a lot but it is very steep and is usually the maximum limit of professional gym treadmills as well. The surprising part is that the inclination can go into the negative – it can go from 15 degrees to -3 degrees. This is almost unheard of in a treadmill in this price range.

The decline is great if you run marathons. Marathon runners know that they often have to run down slopes and also that it is hard to run down slopes unless the runner has enough practice. Proform has added the ability to run at -3 degrees specifically to help marathoners practice and run better in real life situations.

This feature isn’t usually included because, while it helps immensely in real life running situations, it isn’t too useful for staying fit on the treadmill. It is important to have the right stride and posture as you are running on a decline to ensure that you are taking the maximum advantage of running downwards.

 Convenient controls with a phone and tablet dock

The console of the Proform 2000 is where you begin to realise how well designed the treadmill is. It has one of the most convenient and easy to use consoles among treadmills. Most of the things that runners want can be done with a single touch. In most other treadmills, changing the settings or running speed is a cumbersome process where you use buttons to navigate through the options on the screen.

At the bottom of the console, there are buttons to increase or decrease the speed, increase or decrease the incline, and starting or stopping the machine. You’ll find the same button layout in many other treadmills.

However, above these buttons there are two separate sections. One has numbers from -3 to 15 while the other has numbers from 0 to 12. These buttons allow you to set your preferred speed and incline in just one touch.

The row of buttons has been added to ensure that you don’t have to press buttons multiple times to adjust these settings. It is rare to see this level of thoughtfulness regarding user intuitiveness in a treadmill. Above this row is a phone dock. Phone docks aren’t optional in the Proform 2000; they are built in, and in a convenient position like everything else on the treadmill.

The reality is that almost everyone wants to plug in their own music and play it through the treadmill speakers but other treadmill manufacturers try to charge the customer extra for this feature. Proform doesn’t; they have packed the treadmill with features of convenience.

Above the phone dock is the screen which has relevant information regarding your fitness and how many calories you have burnt so far. On the left and right of the screen are storage compartments where runners can keep their water bottles and other running equipment. Similarly, the tablet holder is also built in.

Heart rate monitoring and iFit compatible

Most people have tablets or big smartphones in their homes and the Pro 2000 allows you to utilize your tablet and smartphone to its full potential. You can put up the tablet for entertainment purposes or you can install the iFit app and enjoy fitness related benefits.

The Proform 2000 also has a solution to heart monitoring built in. The treadmill comes with a Polar Wireless chest strap which constantly monitors your heart as you are running on the treadmill. The strap works in tandem with the treadmill to ensure that you hit your fitness goals and don’t overwork yourself to a dangerous level.

Customers looking to add even more tracking and features to their running routine will be happy to know that the it is fully compatible with iFit devices. The iFit devices can track your exercise level and then send data to the Pro 2000 treadmill, which will automatically track how much exercise the runner needs to reach their fitness goals for the day. The iFit device and app integration is a big plus for runners who prefer to make the most of technology for reaching their fitness goals.

Lifetime warranty on frame and motor

All these features combine to provide a great running experience at home. It has been named one of the best treadmills around by multiple consumer magazines because of the ridiculous bang for the buck they provide. Usually customers have to choose between features and quality when they have to stay within a budget. With the Proform 2000 customers get both – the features are evident and the treadmill is backed by a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor as well as a five year warranty for the parts.

Consumers verdict on the ProFrom 2000

There are better treadmills out there but most of them cost much more. Nothing in the same price range provides this many features while keeping the quality this high. Great integration with iFit, great convenience features, one-touch controls, and declined running are all features one would expect from a treadmill that would cost much more.

That is why customers love the treadmill so much. Instead of forcing the runner to conform to the machine’s own design sense, the Proform 2000 has been designed around the customer. Each and every feature of convenience and user interaction has been polished to ensure maximum comfort. Runners who pick this treadmill will not be distracted by annoying design limitations while running; instead they can focus on the running, knowing that everything they need to run good is present a touch away from them.