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Simon Clarke

What makes the LifeSpanTR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill stand-out?

This treadmill is quite possibly the technology king of all treadmills. The is an eFold technology which folds and unfolds the treadmill does so conveniently and easily at the press of a button. This is perfect in terms of simplicity and safety for the user and is certainly useful for older people or those recovering from injuries.

Going on with the technological enhancements, the LifeSpan TR2000e has dual purpose USB ports so that you can charge your mobile phone, music player, or tablet while exercising. You can also sync these to ActiveTrack apps that are supported through the Bluetooth connectivity feature of the treadmill. Utilizing this technology means you can maximize your workouts by tracking your calories burnt and automatically capturing results long term.

However, it is really the easy of transportation that makes the LifeSpan TR2000e stand out from the rest of the treadmill crowd. This folding treadmill saves space when you’re not using it and can store away easily. The electrical function that folds and unfolds the treadmill means that you don’t have to risk any injury to get it set up. That it doesn’t require any lifting means less strain on your back every time you use it.

Once the LifeSpan TR2000e is folded away, you can push or pull the treadmill around to where you want it with very little effort. You don’t even need to tip it back or worry about supporting the weight of the treadmill as it rolls simply on the wheels at either end.

Key Specifications

Suitable for Running, walking, cardio training, intervals, speed training and other general fitness requirements
Assembled dimension 70.25L x 33W x 55H inches (178L x 84W x 140H cm)
Tread belt dimensions 56L x 20W (142L x 51W cm)
Supported weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
Motor 2.5 continuous duty HP
Incline 0% – 15%
Deck impact reduction Yes
Foldable Yes, electronic folding capability
Speed levels  0.5-11 MPH (0.8 – 17.7 km/h)
Workout routines
  •  17 built in programs
  •  Unlimited custom routines with a Club account
Price  $1,299.00
Weight 225 lbs (102 kg)
  •  5 years parts
  • Lifetime frame and motor
  • 1 year labor
Rollers 2.5 inches (6.4 cm)
Handrails Yes, short arm rails and front cross bar
Tread belt ply (noise indication) 2 ply (quiet)
Heart rate monitors  Wireless and contact
Device compatibility Yes, MP3 input
Folded dimensions 70.25L x 33W x 55H (178L x 84W x 140H)
Head unit display LCD back lit console


Key Features

LifeSpan is a well-known brand in the treadmill industry and well reputed for delivery high quality products. The TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill is part of their innovative line of folding treadmills that are designed with comfort features and programming advancements.

A stand out feature of this treadmill is that it comes with a free Club membership. This enables users to record, store, and sync workout data and fitness statistics. All of this is available in the advanced and easy to use console unit. What’s even better is that you can save all your data through the USB port or through the apps so you have constant and easy access to your workout results.

There are many other great features that we have found through our research on the LifeSpan TR2000e. A few of the main features we feel you should be aware of when considering this treadmill are it’s:

Superior Console
The console is a large LCD black lit display screen that sits directly in front of the user while they’re exercising. It has 5 quickset speed and incline buttons for user convenience. You can quickly change the speed or incline of your workout using these, making the LifeSpan TR2000e ideal for interval or rehabilitation training.

Built-In Sound System
The LifeSpan TR2000e features audio jacks for music entertainment while you run. There are two large speakers on the frame so that you can blast some tunes to help you keep the beat of your workout upbeat.

Electronic Folding Frame
This would certainly be the key feature that attracts many users. The electronic folding function makes it so simple and easy to store the treadmill while you aren’t using it. This makes it perfect for those living in apartments or smaller houses.

Program Variety
By creating a whopping 17 different default programs the designers of the LifeSpan TR2000e have ensured that users workouts will be interesting and boredom free. In addition to these built in workouts there is also the Club membership through which you can even build your own workout program to suit your exact needs. Many users find their workout program needs change over time as their fitness levels increase, so being able to customize your own routines is very useful.

Pedometer Settings
The Intelli-step technology incorporated into the LifeSpan TR2000e counts your steps as you work out. This is basically like a pedometer inbuilt into the machine. You can access this information through the data USB port or through your Club membership account at any time. Tracking this data long term can show you interesting patterns in your own exercise rate.

Heart Rate Monitoring System
Through the MyZone heart rate control program on the console user can see their own heart rate. In order to keep your heart rate consistent, the machine automatically adjusts the incline and speed during your workout. You can keep track of your heart rate long term through the data storage in the apps or through the USB port. This is a great way to stay healthy and informed during your workout.

Short Summary

The LifeSpan TR2000e is a machine that provides great value for money, a sturdy and reliable treadmill, and a great overall workout. To summarize our research into it’s features and settings:

Pros Cons
  • Foldable technology for ease of storage and transport.
  • Deck suspension system with impact absorbing compression shocks
  • Built in pedometer
  • Interactive and effective console.
  • Easy to track workouts and store data, either through the USB or the app.
  • Heart rate monitor regulation and control.


  • The lack of an in built fan makes it hard to stay cool in hotter weather, so you’ll probably need to have a standing fan somewhere for more intense workouts.
  •  The 2.5hp motor, though perfectly acceptable for walking speeds, is at the lower end of treadmill motor HP.

Reviews from users

All in all, customers have expressed great satisfaction with the LifeSpan TR2000e treadmill. One real plus that users like about this machine is the value for the money. People who have bought it have found that the cost is very reasonable for the quality of the product. Another positive is the ease of assembly and that it can be put together by just one person, in less than an hour.

Although users have loved the complimentary membership to the LifeSpan Club, it was disappointing to many that it is only valid for one person. Another issue that arose was the need to buy treadmill lubricant for the initial belt installation, which isn’t particularly well advertised when buying the machine.

User favorites:

  • The majority of users who purchased this machine found it to be good value for money
  • The foldable system that takes less than a minute to compact at the press of a button is a huge win for those in smaller houses or apartments.
  • Many users found that there was an ease of use with console display and it was simple to navigate.
  • There are nice grip controls that add comfort and support to the workout.
  • On the whole, the machine is quiet while running or walking and makes a lot less noise than other treadmills.
  • There is a media holder for smart phone while working out which means you can enjoy music or entertainment during your workout.

User negatives:

  • It isn’t well advertised that you need to buy treadmill lubricant for the initial assembly of the treadmill, so this is an additional cost that needs to be factored in.
  • The machine features a small and narrow running surface that can hinder the workout for significantly tall people.


We can tell from our research that LifeSpan is a well-regarded brand and known to make high quality treadmills. The base model for the LifeSpan TR2000e, the TR1200i has won a plethora of awards over the years. This is a real credit to the production and design of the machine. The TR2000e is quite similar the TR1200i and looks set to have the same kind of success. The major standout between the two is the ideal folding function at the touch of a button present on the TR2000e.

When it comes to deciding if you want to invest in a treadmill, LifeSpan is one of those brands that is in it for the long haul. It is consistently one of the most highly ranked treadmill brands on the market. Based on reviews from past customers, LifeSpan does well in terms of customer service and customer satisfaction. We recommend that you buy this item from a first-hand seller in order to ensure that you have access to the customer service team support for the product.

Should you Buy the LifeSpan TR2000e

What is comes down to as far as we can tell, is whether you’re looking for a heavy duty running machine or a lightweight durable walking/jogging machine. For the latter desire the LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill is hard to beat. It is a compact machine that is easy to move and store while being built with a durable frame that comes under a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

A major bonus of this treadmill is that most purchases of it include membership from LifeSpan so that you can create your own Club account for free. This is a really productive and effective way to keep track of your fitness. It is also an innovative way to create new fitness goals and stay focused on your target during treadmill workouts.

The LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill may please you just as much as it has pleased the many other customers who have purchased it. Even so, we always recommend that you do your research into all the different treadmills available on the market for you to choose from. For more information on the LifeSpan TR2000e in retail, check it’s selling page here.