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Simon Clarke

What makes the Life Fitness T5 stand-out?

In this review we’ll step you through exactly what the Life Fitness T5 treadmill has to offer.The model’s design caters well to both long distance runners and serious cardio buffs. So if you’re looking to burn some amazingly high calorie quotas and tear up the miles on your home machine, this might be the right treadmill for you. Our review is based on an extensive amount of research carried out both on the internet and offline. The information below includes both the results of this research and actual consumer feedback from individuals who are using the Life Fitness T5. Read on to find out if this machine matches your needs.

Product Description

On the larger side, the new Life Fitness T5 is a sturdy piece of equipment built to take the pounding of running feet. Its track is one of the largest in the industry; 22 inches by 60 inches. This makes for a comfortable running space for runners of any size.

  • The frame comes in a professional two tone appearance of black and silver
  • The treadmill has side arm rails for support
  • Contact pulse monitors are attached to the front crossbar
  • There is a digital user interface on the headboard
  • A phone placement socket is located at the top of the headboard
  • It works with all Android phones and extras can be purchased to make it compatible with iPhones as well
  • The digital interface allows you to choose the “type” of deck you’re running on in terms of firmness under foot

Key Specifications

Suitable for Running, walking, general fitness
Assembled dimensions 79.5L x 32W x 61H inches (202L x 81W x 155H cm)
Tread belt dimensions 60L x 22W inches (152L x 56W cm)
Supported weight 400 lbs (180 kg)
Motor 3.0 HP continuous duty DC
Incline Automatic, 0% – 15%
Deck cushioning Adjustable, 3 levels
Foldable No
Speed levels 0.5-12 MPH (0.8 – 19km/h)
Workout routines -11 pre-programmed routines
-2 customizable workouts
Price Approx. $4,399.00
Weight 341 lbs (155 kg) excluding packaging
436 lbs (198 kg) shipping weight in packaging
Warranty – 10 years motor
– 7 years parts
– 1 year labour
– Lifetime frame and springs.
Rollers Front 2.6 inches (6.7 cm) precision crowned
Back 2 inches (50mm) precision crowned
Handrails Front crossbar and side handrails
Tread belt ply (noise indication) 2-ply (quiet)
Reversible deck Yes
Heart rate monitors Contact and Wireless
Head unit Display LCD 4H x 6L inches (10.16H x 15.24L cm)

Key features of the Life Fitness T5

The Life Fitness T5 treadmill has a number of unique features to distinguish it from other treadmills including it’s special Track+ console, HeartSynce Heart MonitorTMand it’s FlexDeck© Shock Absorption System. Apart from these cool add-ons it also has a host of the regular features you’d expect to see in a high quality running treadmill.

FlexDeck© Shock Absorption System
The new T5 treadmill allows its owners to personally customize the firmness of the running deck to suit their tastes every time they run. This means that you can choose between three vastly different settings – street running (ultra-firm), track running (medium firmness) or running on grass (soft). This flexible deck is perfect for those who want to take care of their joints while running. We’d recommend switching up the deck firmness every now and then to ensure a varied workload on your joints. The best part about it is that the springs supporting the deck are LifeSpringTM shock absorbers, known to be used in Corvettes and able to be relied upon to not break down over time.

Large Track Surface
The large running surface belt offered by the T5 treadmill is ideal for runners because we tend to take bigger strides when we’re running. Obviously having more space also won’t impede on your using the treadmill as a walking or jogging partner. The 22 by 60 inch belt provides a comfortable and safe area to work out without worrying about slipping off the end of the machine. If you have the space for it in your workout area, a larger tread belt is usually better.

Automated Incline
The powered incline settings allows you to control the incline of the treadmill from it’shead unit as you go as opposed to having to manually change the incline of the machine yourself. This automated inclination adds a lot of convenience to your workout and the T5 can go up to an angle of 15%. This angle should be enough for most runners, excluding those training specifically for up-cliff events.

Energy Saving Design
The T5 treadmill has clearly been designed with an environmental (and economist) take. The machine will automatically reduce it’s power usage by 90% when it is not running, even if you choose to leave it plugged in, as many users do. In addition, the motor will only run at the capacity necessary to support your weight, so unless you are approaching the 400 lbs (180 kg) mark, chances are your machine will be using less energy than a regular 3.0 HP motor would.

Built-In Workout Routines
The treadmill system comes with 11 pre-programmed training routines ready to get you up and running immediately. These programmes vary the incline and speed of your treadmill to give you an effective overall workout experience. They are named:

  • Hill
  • Fat Burn
  • Random
  • Cardio
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Interval
  • Extreme Heart Rate
  • Fit Test
  • Sports Training
  • EZ incline
  • Goal

Most of the above have self-explanatory titles. Users typically enjoy exploring a variety of these pre-set routines and often use more than one per treadmill workout.

Special Track+ Console
The T5 treadmill takes custom workout routines to a whole new level. The head piece on this treadmill acts as a console with a usb port that integrates with your phone to connect with an interesting website/app called On this app you can create your own custom workouts, varying the speed and distance to create your own unique workout plans. The interface seems to be pretty user friendly and is one of the key highlights of this treadmill. If the idea is to make your workouts fun, then the T5 has you covered. The more you enjoy your workouts the more motivated you’ll be and the more use you’ll get out of your treadmill.
NOTE: The port is made to be compatible with Android phones. To connect an iPhone to the 30pin port you’ll need a 30pin-lightning adaptor.

Low Noise Level
The multi-ply belt of the Life Fitness T5 treadmill makes it a quiet fitness machine. One user reports that it is quiet even at the higher speeds, which is great news for runners. A quiet choice like the T5 is ideal for both in home use as well as commercial use. Being quiet means it won’t annoy other people within your household if you choose to exercise in the same room as them or late at night. Commercially speaking, a quiet machine will keep your gym or training environment from becoming home to a noisy racket of machines. In our eyes, the quietness of the T5 is a major plus.

HeartSync Heart Monitor™
The T5 treadmill monitors it’s users heart rates either via contact or wireless technology. The contact option involves measuring the users heart rate through metal pulse strips able to be gripped at the front of the machine at any time during the workout. The wireless approach simply requires the user to wear a telemetry chest strap during their workout.Both these options are fairly standard functions for high class treadmills. The cool part is that the T5 can adjust its speed or elevation to automatically change your workout in order to maintain your target heart rate. This is especially handy for those wanting to increase their cardio endurance.

User friendly Design
Always of surprising importance in practical use, holding space for objects like water bottles and cell phones is very important. You don’t want to awkwardly carry them with you while you run, nor do you want to get off the treadmill every time you want hydration. Fortunately, the T5 treadmill has been practically designed with two cup holders and a reading rack/smartphone/tablet holder for added convenience during workouts.

Quick Start Functionality
The smart T5 treadmill can remember your last workout settings. This means that you can hop straight on and get started at the push of a button. The machine will automatically resume your last usedpace, making it easy for you to “just get started”. Which, if we’re honest, is the hardest part of any workout.

Here is the key points summary

Pros:·  Android compatible
· Can integrate with personally         created workout programs from
· Easy user friendly design with        room to hold all your workout         necessities
· Quiet motors and track
·  Adjustable running surface for       comfortable and varied exercise
·  Smart technology for heart rate     monitoring and adjustments
· Quick start features to minimise     workout start time
·Large. This is both an advantage in that the track is bigger for                comfortable running, but also a disadvantage for those with                  minimal space to fit their treadmill in.

What did actual users say

Our research indicates that users are very satisfied with their Life Fitness T5 treadmills. Many report that they are happy they opted for a higher quality item even though it initially meant paying a few extra bucks. They feel that the higher quality “heavy duty” frame is sturdy and will last well.

User Favourites:

  • The heart rate monitoring system that adjusts the treadmill speed and elevation to maintain your heart rate at a certain amount of beats per minute.
  • The FlexDeck© running surface which lets you choose to run on what feels like a road or can be adjusted to a softer level that feels “like grass”.
  • The quick start function allows you to resume a workout easily if you’ve just had a five-minute interruption because of children or a phone call etc.

User Negatives:

  • The front crossbar takes up some running space at the front of the machine, causing some users to hit it on occasion as they exercise.

What is our recommendation on the Life Fitness T5 treadmill

We would definitely recommend this T5 treadmill to anyone looking for a high quality piece of running exercise equipment for home or commercial use. Do however ensure that you are being given the best warranty provisions available prior to purchasing as even the most durable machine can have a hiccup and it’s nice to have the peace of mind that you’re covered if that does happen. Also, make sure you have enough space for it! This machine is a bit of a monster in terms of size, so do check that your floor space will accommodate it. Preferably give yourself some clearing room at the back of the treadmill as well for good safety practice. If you do have the space for it and the inclination to dig a little deeper in your pocket for a genuine product that will last, then this is a great treadmill to get.