From Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke

The Landice L7 treadmill has been ranked as being the number 1 home treadmill by multiple magazines and consumer publications while the L8 has been a favourite of serious runners for a long time. Landice products command a much higher price than most of the competition, generally due to the quality of the materials used to build the machines.

The Landice L7 has been designed for home use. It is aimed at people who want to create a good fitness routine they can follow at home. The L8 has been made for home use as well however it is aimed at serious runners with its longer running space.

Your investment comes with a lifetime warranty

The L7 comes with a lifetime warranty. The machine has the appropriate aesthetics for a home fitness machine. It has been made with a very sleek design sense, a fact which allows it to fit in well in home décor. The looks are backed by performance; boasts shock absorption, 400 lbs weight capacity as well as a 4hp motor.

It also has many different control panels which give it more features. The L8 has all the same features except the weight capacity which extends to 500 lbs.

Landice has been in the treadmill business since 1967. For the last 50 years they have focused only on treadmills. This focus has resulted in some great design decisions that make this device a favourite among fitness enthusiasts.

There treadmills have many touches which separate them from the competition; such as using a locking system used in aircraft construction, and using larger tubes for its rollers for enhanced performance.

The Landice L7 and L8 Features

The L7 is aimed at people looking for fitness at home. This means it has been designed for people who regularly go on walks, jogs, or runs.

  • The range of speed is 0.5 to 12.0 mph, which means you can match to a brisk walk or to a consistent long running speed.
  • The elevation grade is 15%
  • It is powered by a 4 horsepower continuous-monitor motor
  • The deck is 1-inch and is also reversible
  • The aluminum frame is rust free
  • There is a reading/accessory rack integrated into all models
  • There’s a personal cooling fan, an iPod dock, and a stereo sound system

The L8, on the other hand, has been made for serious runners. People who run professionally or who are regular marathon runners will appreciate the extra abilities of the L8 such as:

  • 500 lbs capacity instead of the 400 lbs capacity of the L7
  • 22″ x 63″ running space, compared to 20″ x 58″ for the L8
  • 7-1/2″ step on height, compared to 5-1/2″ for the L7

They have the same consoles but their frames are completely different, with the L8 providing more running space for long strides and serious workouts.

Rust free aluminium frame and unique locking system

They have unparalleled build quality when it comes to treadmills. There are many design decisions which allow it to be a very high quality product that should easily withstand the test of time.

The whole frame has been made using Aluminium. Aluminium costs much higher than other types of metals. Normal treadmills are made out of steel which is much cheaper. Aluminum has many advantages which can be seen in the L7 and L8. The biggest advantage is that it does not rust and aluminium is also three times stronger than steel.

Another great design decision is to use locking hardware instead of welding the frame together. Welding is not used in bridges and airplanes because welding is not the strongest way to create structures. Instead of depending on welding to keep the frame in shape, Landice opted for locking hardware. It may be the costlier option but it results in a huge increase in durability.

4hp motor to enhanced performance

They also boast a 4hp motor. People who are familiar with treadmill performance will know that 4hp is much more than a treadmill requires but it is put to good use in the treadmills. Even if the work being done is low, it is always good to have a higher power motor.

The motor actually has a continuous duty rating of 15 minutes at 5hp – this means that if you were to constantly push the motor further than what it is made for, there would be no overheating until 5 minutes. This isn’t something the customer will need to measure; the power can be felt easily when the treadmill is used.

The high quality construction is carried over to the rollers as well. Rollers are an essential part of any treadmill; the rollers found in the Landice treadmills are much better than the ones found in most other treadmills.

The first difference is that the rollers are much larger than normal. This allows the treadbelt to move freely; the larger the roller, the more the surface area, which results in a better walk or run. More surface area means less force is required to move the rollers.

The Landice rollers are also thicker plus are crowned for further durability. They weigh 14 pounds; they are considerably heavier than normal treadmill rollers. The extra weights help prevent misalignment and knocking issues.

The same quality can be found in the tread belt and the elevation motor. The elevation motor delivers 1000 pounds of thrust, allowing it to work perfectly even if the person running on top speed weighs 500lbs. The tread belt is made of 4 layers. The top layer is PVC and has anti-skid properties to ensure you do not slip when running. The 2nd layer is made of a high density polyester weave for strength and durability. The 3rd layer is PVC as well; it binds the layers together. On the base is a high density polyester weave layer with anti-static graphite threads to ensure there is no static buildup during usage.

The shock absorbing capability is astounding. The normal shock absorption delivers a running experience 5 times softer than running on grass. The high quality build materials and the shock absorption also combine to provide a completely silent operation.

Designed to give minimal noise

The rollers and running sounds are the two main sources of treadmill noise. The larger than normal rollers create considerably less friction and thus sound than normal treadmill rollers. They are heavy and have a large surface area; this means the usual whirring sound seen in low quality fitness equipment is completely missing here.

The shock absorption has been made to decrease the amount of fatigue caused by feet hitting the treadmill. Since the shock absorption lowers the force, it lowers the sound generates as well.

The Control Panels

The L7 and L8 have completely different frames but they still use the same 4 control panels. Where the. The different control panels are (as the names suggest) geared towards completely different types of consumers. Let’s look at the four different control panels and what they bring to the table.

Executive Control Panel

The executive control panel, as the name suggests, is aimed at people who want a relaxing and elite experience. The executive control panel is the one that costs the highest because of the high amount of features that are packed in it.

The first thing that catches the eye is the vibrant 9” screen in the middle of the panel. The screen has a resolution of 800×480 which allows it to show you colourful screens designed to motivate you to run and make the experience more relaxing.

The advanced screen also allows for settings more advanced than normal panels. This includes race programs (based on miles), 5 different road screens to match your mood, 6 landmarks that keep you motivated for climbing routines, a host of workout feedback information (heart beats, distance, time, pulse, calories burned, and much more), fitness programs (user defined, goal based, and options like army, navy, firefighters etc), and much more. It can also read heart rate and store the data for 5 different users.

Cardio Control Panel

The cardio control panel is geared towards consumers who are serious about their cardio workouts. It has an LCD screen and uses heart rate sensors to provide you the best running experience from a cardio perspective. The cardio control panel also comes with an interactive chest strap that’s wireless as well as two heart rate sensors on the contact bar to keep track of how much stress your heart is under.

It can also store the data and settings of two different people. There are 5 user defined program slots as well as 5 built in programs to keep your heart pumping. There are many different settings available for choosing the goal of your run; it can be based on the distance run, the calories burnt or time.. It’s good that Landice had the foresight to have a numeric keypad on the cardio control panel to allow us to quickly enter the information we needed to regarding our fitness program.

Pro Sports Control Panel

The pro sports control panel is almost identical to the cardio control panel. All that is missing is the heart rate monitoring display. A heart rate tracking system can be added on to the panel as an optional component. There is another panel which has even more basic functions called the pro sports trainer panel.

Optional Components

Landice also offers optional components which allow you to get even more out of your L7 and L8 treadmills. The options available are as follows.

Orthopedic Shock Absorption System

The orthopedic shock absorption system is even softer than the default shock absorption system available on the L7. The Orthopedic system reduces the amount of stress on joints and knees even further. People who have joint problems often end up losing their fitness because they can’t run anymore; this system allows them to run again.

Vision System

The Landice Vision System is a good option for providing entertainment on the treadmill. Having entertainment options on the treadmill can increase the amount of time you exercise at home and can make the experience more fun for everyone. The Landice vision system has features like a 19” widescreen LCD and HD inputs. This allows users to freely enjoy any movie, tv show, or any video that will help them run better.

Landice Tablet Bracket

This bracket allows you to use any tablet which you have as an entertainment system for your treadmill.

VESA-D Mounting Bracket

Landice doesn’t force you into buying the Landice Vision System. This bracket will allow users to attach their own screen in front of the treadmill and arrange their own entertainment options. The bracket supports screen as big as 19”.

Medical Handrails

The medical handrails provide more support than normal handrails. These handrails are for anyone who is using the treadmill for rehabilitation purposes. It is also good for more senior runners who need more assistance while running.


The Landice L7 and L8 are more expensive than the competition. They command such a high price and are so well regarded because they are simply so much better than the competition. The high build quality seen here is seen only in luxury products. The frame, the rollers, the engine, the treadbelt – everything is of the highest quality that it can be.
The L7 is a great treadmill for home use. The high quality running experience it provides ensures that running at home isn’t a compromise. The different running speeds are a good match for different types of runners. The silent operation means that other people living in your house will not be bothered at all by your fitness routine. The long lasting parts and the lifetime warranty also ensure that you’ll be served well by this machine for a long time.
The L7 will suit your needs fine if you’re a normal jogger or just worried about fitness, but if you want to run competitively and want to train professionally, then you should opt for the bigger L8.