From Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke

How to Use Treadmill for Beginners

In this video, you will learn the most basic things about a treadmill: that it is used for walking, jogging, running, and combination. The narrator will also indicate at the start of the video that a treadmill is used for cardio training and that it is part of the cardio equipment. How could this short video help you? It will prepare you for your very first training on a treadmill, which many people who didn’t try this awesome device will find very useful

Safety tips

In the video, there are a narrator and a demonstrator which will visually show how your first steps on a treadmill should look like. Here are some safety tips – some of them are and some of them aren’t accented in the video but are surely purported. Don’t step on your treadmill before you learn about your own safety!It may sound foolish to learn about using one of the basic parts of exercise equipment, but what if you know that 66 percent of exercise injuries involve treadmills?

  • Straddle the treadmill! Before you start your treadmill you should take care that your feet are not standing on the treadmill’s belt – unless you want to be shot across the room! Why? It is true that all treadmills should start at the very low speed no matter what speed they were set on before they were turned off. But, like any other machine, a treadmill can malfunction, and it is not up to you to take the risk because you can severely injure yourself.
  • Look forward. Not at the left, or the right, or at your feet, but forward. It is understandable that new customers find it interesting to look at their feet, but it really is not recommendable. The treadmill can frequently cause dizziness because customers can have a sensation that the ground is moving below their feet. So, looking away can only make things worse and make you lose your balance – and fall.
  • Never workout barefoot on a treadmill. You can get hurt if your feet is caught between a moving belt and other elements. Besides that, it is not sanitary running or walking barefoot on a treadmill which is not only yours – or better said, it is not allowed to workout barefoot at any gym because of the health and the safety of customers.

The Start Button

When you press the start button the belt will start to move. You must  take care that the belt is moving slow enough for you to be ready to step on it. If it is your very first time, start with a very slow walk, to get your body used to it. When you feel safe and stable you can increase the speed in two ways:

UP and DOWN arrow buttons.

    • These buttons are practical if you want to increase (or decrease) your speed slowly. If you are new and you aren’t sure yet what speed will work out nice for you, or you don’t feel stable enough yet- then you should use this buttons and prepare your body little by little.

The number pad

  •  numbers from 0 to 9, where you can set up the speed of the belt.

Hands off the machine!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should absolutely never support the balance of your body by holding onto handles. It would be pretty dangerous in some situations especially for beginners. So, hold onto handles while you are walking, or running, especially with the incline, but don’t forget to keep your hands on the machine LIGHTLY, and to try to learn to workout without holding. Which are benefits of not holding onto your treadmill while exercising?

  • It gives you a false impression of accomplishment. The progress you think you succeeded is not so big as you think. Running or walking in nature (or anywhere outside the gym) can not be compared to running or walking while you are holding for the machine because that doesn’t happen in the real world where all your body relies only on your legs.
  • It gives you a false impression of safety. It is true that a person on a treadmill can have a sense that is much safer to hold onto the machine than to walk or run while swinging the hands. But this sense is also false because this way increases the risk of getting hurt. Why? The align of your body while holding for handrails and walking is not natural, so it can make you pain in shoulders, back, neck, knees, and hips.
  • 20 to 50 percent fewer calories are burned while you are holding a treadmill because it makes your workout less intense and less effective.


Metal handles

The narrator in the video explains which is the purpose of metal handles. They are used to track your heart rate. Every treadmill with this sort of handles can measure the number of your heartbeats in a minute, and it will be shown on the screen along with other statistics and information: a number of laps completed, a number of burnt calories and an amount of time remained for completing your workout.  Why is important to track your heart rate? Because it is tightly related to your target training zone.

The target training zone   

This is a term mentioned by the narrator in the video. It is used mostly for cardio training to mark ideal  rate your heart should have while you are exercising. This means that the target training zone is actually a number of heartbeats you should have while you working out – to consider your training the most effective and the most healthy for your heart as possible.

How can you calculate this ideal amplitude? You can visit a clinic and ask for a medical advice. Mostly, the physicians use cardio stress test or tolerance of your heart on physical activity and the effort. The another method is simple calculating you can do on your own. First, you calculate your maximum heart rate: 220 minus your age. This number will show you which is the heart rate you should never cross because it can do more harm than good for your heart. Your ideal target training zone is the zone between 55 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Of course, 10 beats less or more can be tolerated depending on your exercising level. Still, the best way to find out what is best for your heart is to ask a professional for advice.

How to get off of a treadmill

Decrease the speed little by little until you can walk on the belt very slowly again, and then you straddle again. Once when you straddle the treadmill you can turn it off on the button, and get off. Don’t hurry, and don’t try to get off of the machine while it is still working because you can lose your balance and get hurt.

This short video showed us basic tips how to start exercising on a treadmill, and it can very helpful for very beginners. Finally, the best tip you can get if you still never stepped on a treadmill – be careful and have fun!