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Cardiovascular Diseases Fighting

How can a treadmill help you fighting cardiovascular diseases? Health is Wealth: Why is necessary to be physically active to have a healthy life A human body is a complexed mechanism built of small connected parts and powered by a strong engine. This engine is your...

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Treadmill Fatburn Workouts

Is There A Faster Way To Lose Fat For many people, treadmill workouts provide a quick and convenient method of conducting a workout, without leaving home or going outside during unfavorable weather conditions. Often, folks prefer doing a home treadmill workout, which...

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My New Treadmill – Getting Started & Important Stretching

Essential Guide for your new treadmill Whether you are a beginning runner or an experienced one, treadmill training is an excellent alternative to outdoor running. For those of you still looking to buy your own home treadmill you may want to read our buyers guide...

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Treadmill desks – Are they the way forward?

When we heard that treadmill desks are starting to become popular, we could easily tell why. We, as a society, are facing many health risks. Humanity is more sedentary now than we ever were before. More of us work while sitting on a desk all day than ever before. Our...

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10 Essential Tips for Treadmill Safety

Treadmills are very safe machines when used properly. There are some mistakes which new users often make that can result in injuries or pain. If you started out using a treadmill in a proper gym the gym instructor should have already told you these tips. If you are...

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8 common misconceptions of weight loss

Weight loss is one of the main objectives for people buying treadmills. There are many different opinions and writings about weight loss, and the sad thing is that most of them are completely unsubstantiated. People love following gimmicky diets and fads and are then...

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