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Simon Clarke

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Welcome to Unison Fitness. My name is Simon Clarke and I have developed this website to share my fitness experience with you. I have been a personal trainer for many years and have knowledge and expereince of most fitness machines and fitness exercises. One fitness equipment really stands out for me and that is the treadmill.

You can achieve so many fitness goals with a treadmill that I have dedicated this website to this briliant fitness machine. You will find fitness advice and treadmills exercises for you to use. So many people today, as I do, own their own treadmill allowing to do exercise from home or work. This has the added benefit of saving you a lot of money long term as you do not need expensive gym memberships.

I have therefore also included treadmill reviews to allow you to make an informed decision on which treadmill to invest in should you wish to buy one for your home or your workplace.

If you have any questions please email me on the contact us page.

To your success