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Simon Clarke

What makes the 3G Cardio Elite Runner stand-out?

This evaluative review is aimed at providing you with exact information on what the 3G Cardio Elite Runner is really like. The machine’s high specs can easily meet the needs of any avid runner or exercise enthusiast. So if you’re expecting to purchase a high quality piece of equipment on which to clock up some high mileage, then this treadmill is well worth your consideration.Our review has been informed by a great deal of digital and physical research. We counted actual user feedback as absolutely crucial to the overall analysis and have incorporated their feedback into the information below. Read on to discovera summary of our findings about the 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill.

Key Specifications

Suitable for    Runners, joggers and walkers
Assembled dimensions    84L x 35W x 58H inches (213L x 90W x 147H cm)
Tread belt dimensions    62L x 22W inches (157L x 56W cm)
Supported weight    400 lbs (180 kg)
Motor    4.0 HP continuous duty DC
Incline      Automatic, 0% – 15%
Deck cushioning    Yes, Ortho Flex ShockTM System
Foldable    No
Speed levels    0.5-12 MPH (0.8 – 19km/h)
Workout routines
  • 8 pre-programmed routines including:
  • 3 fitness testing program
  • 2 custom profile workouts
Price    Approx. $3,399.00
  •   386 lbs (175 kg) excluding packagin
  •   430lbs (195 kg) shipping weight in packaging
  • Residential:10 years parts, 2 years labour and lifetime drive, motor and frame.
  • Commercial: 1 years labour and 5 years drive motor, frame and parts.
Roller    3 inches (7.6 cm)
Handrails    Front crossbar and side handrails
Tread belt ply (noise indication)    4-ply (very quiet)
Cool Down Programme    Yes
Heart rate monitors    Contact and Wireless
Head unit Display    LED/LCD

Product details

Specifically built for runners, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner is a commercial-grade machine with a heavy duty frame that won’t shake under your increasing pace. The design maximises room for runners with it’s comfortable 22 by 62 inches’ surface area. This long tread belt length is especially useful for taller users.

  • It comes in a simple black and silver frame design
  • Arm rails extend on both sides
  • Contact pulse monitors can be found on a cross bar just below the head unit
  • The head unit contains a few LED display windows alongside physical buttons
  • There is a usb port and music player settings on the right hand side of the head unit
  • An iPod or similar device dock is located at the bottom of the head unit
  • The built in cooling fans can be found at the top most part of the machine, near most user’s upper body or head level

What are the key features

The main features that set the 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill apart from other treadmills are it’s OrthoFlex© suspension, 4-ply belt, audio speakers and built-in cooling fans. These features make it a very comfortable machine to use. In addition to them, this treadmill also has many of the standard features seen in high end running treadmills.

OrthoFlex© Suspension
The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill provides users with an orthopedically friendly experience that is much kinder to their joints than other regular runners’ treadmills. The Ortho Flex ShockTM suspension system offers a slightly cushioned landing feel as your feet come down. This is a very nice features and gives users the peace of mind that their joints are being looked out for while they exercise.

Massive Track Surface
In general runners take longer strides than joggers or walkers, which is why getting a large belted treadmill is important to anyone wanting to run on their treadmill. Fortunately, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner more than caters for this with it’s expansively large 22 inch by 62 inch tread belt surface. This large area creates a safety barrier against slippage and makes it easy for you to really get into running on the treadmill without worrying about how long your strides are. A point to note is that the larger track surface does mean this machine is larger overall, so it’ll require more space than smaller belted treadmills in your living area. If you can accommodate it though, the bigger surface is far more enjoyable for running, and clearly can also be used for walking and jogging.

One-Touch Incline Settings
The convenience of powered incline is that you don’t even need to hop off the 3G treadmill to adjust it’s incline, you just need to touch a button! This means you won’t have to pause your workout to change inclines, thus providing a much more continuous workout experience than manual incline adjustment treadmills. The 3G Cardio Elite Runner incline goes up in 2% increments from 0% through to 15%. So unless you’re specifically training for high angle running, there should be plenty of angle for your needs.

Built-In Cooling Fans
One of the few disadvantages treadmills have traditionally had over outdoor running is that on a treadmill you don’t usually get to feel the wind on your face as you move through space. In a stroke of genius, the 3G designers have fixed this by incorporating air cooling fans above the head unit on the treadmill. These fans can keep you cool while you work out and are able to be adjusted slightly in terms of the trajectory of their cool air so you can get the stream to hit you at your preferred body level.

Pre-Programmed And Custom Workouts
The 3G Cardio Elite treadmill comes with 8 built-in workout programs designed to help give you a well-rounded exercise session. The machine automatically varies both the incline and the speed of your tread belt during each workout to simulate an imaginary “track”. There are custom programs available that you can set your level of speed and incline for as well as fitness testing programs. The fitness tests available are:

  • Gerkin
  • Cooper
  • BMI

Audio Speakers
Running along to music or listening to audio books is a popular way to stay mentally active while your body is getting it’s exercise on a treadmill. The 3G makes this process one step easier by saving you the hassle of needing to plug in an external speaker or use earphones. It does this by having in-built audio speakers that you can control easily straight from it’s head unit. This makes changing music track or audio volume simple and able to be done as you continue running. You can connect the device through which you want to play music (e.g. your cell phone or iPod) with an audio jack cable.

Quiet Design
A major plus of the 3G is that it is more quiet than most treadmills on the market today. It’s quietness comes from two main factors:

  • The industry leading 4-ply belt. Generally, the higher ply a belt is the more durable and quiet it is.
  • The powerful 4.0HP motor. This is a full 1.0HP higher than many other running treadmills and ensures that the motor usually won’t have to strain too hard (make too much noise) when powering the tread belt.

Together these two factors make the 3G an exceptionally quiet machine which is great for residential and commercial use. Most people don’t realize how important a quiet treadmill is, but when somebody is in the same room as you at home or you want to exercise early in the morning, quietness can make a huge difference. Also, in commercial use, quiet machines mean your users/clients will have a more pleasant time using the machine which is beneficial to your business. We think it’s great that the 3G is quiet enough to let you really enjoy and focus on the sounds you choose to play through it’s audio speakers.

Strong Motor
As mentioned above, this treadmill has incredible motor power at 4.0HP. A stronger motor means that your motor won’t need to work as hard / at full capacity to power your tread belt which may extend it’s lifetime use. The strength of the 3G motor makes it perfect for serious runners who plan to do some intense workouts regularly on the machine.

Safety Features
Safety should always be a priority when buying exercise equipment. The 3G designers took this into account and have added sensors to the front of this treadmill to help keep users safe during their workouts. If the sensors sense that a user is no longer in control of the treadmill it will automatically stop. On top of this there is also an immediate stop button at the very front of the head unit within easy reach of a user. These features make the 3G a safe choice for people with pets and children who may cause distractions during their workouts.

Accessory Holder
This feature is surprisingly important in practice. The incorporated accessory cup holder space in the 3G treadmill will provide a convenient place for you to keep you water bottle or face towel during a workout. Often times users don’t realize the significance of having a handy accessory holder that keeps their gear in close reach while they run, at least they don’t realize it until after they have started using a treadmill.

Details in brief


  • Orthopedically friendly suspension system
  • Can play music from your devices through in-built speaker
  • Has pre-programed fitness tests, workout routines and custom workout settings.
  • Designed for convenient use with an accessory holder place and quick start button
  • Very quiet machine
  •  Automated inclination
  • Comes with cooling fans to keep you from overheating during running
  • Has a strong, durable motor



  • Large track surface results in larger overall machine. Ensure you have the space needed to accommodate it before thinking of purchasing as it is a non-foldable design

What did users say

Our findings when researching real consumers reviews of their 3G Elite Runner treadmills show that overall users find this to be a high quality piece of equipment. They have expressed that the price is very fair and reasonable and that the machine is definitely commercial grade equipment (which usually comes at a much higher price tag).

User Favourites:

  • The 3G Cardio company’s fast and attentive support has been named by many users as a big plus. It has made it easier for users to get quick responses to queries they had about their machines and knowing the company is there for them gave them greater peace of mind about their purchase.
  • The music player capabilities are touted as being a great way to help pass the time while users get in their daily dose of exercise.
  • The sturdy frame and belt system is reported to be great for running on because it doesn’t shake and wobble like some other treadmills do. It feels solid and safe to run on while also remaining quiet.

User Negatives:

  • The audio system did cut out and stop working for one user (the support team at 3G Cardio were prompt in sending them replacement parts for the speakers as it was still under warranty).

Do we recommendation the 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill

This is probably one of our favourite running treadmills. We recommend it to buyers wanting a long lasting treadmill machine of a sturdy make for either residential or commercial use. As with all purchases, do ensure that you keep the receipt details after buying to safeguard yourself against potential damage by retaining access to your warranty codes. The 3G does come with a generous warranty system, especially the drive motor which is covered for it’s entire lifetime under residential contracts. In addition to keeping the warranty paperwork, we’d also recommend you contact 3G Cardio for support if you need any help assembling or otherwise operating your machine. We say this not because you’re likely to have problems, but simply because their support network truly legendary. Prompt email responses are a well-known aspect of their brand. Their brand treadmills, including the 3G, are generally cheaper than other treadmill brands in the same class as well. So if you’re looking for a sturdy commercial grade running machine that won’t cost the earth, the 3G is a good option.